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juni 8, 2017

Designstudio Amsell Berlin tells us about their work with the acoustic wall panel Dots.

Dots is one of okko designs excellent acoustic wall panels, with an elegant design and extremeley good acoustic properties.

The designers Designstudio Amsell Berlin, tells us about what inspires them in their work and how their thoughts went about working with Dots.


Designstudio Amsell Berlin was established 2004 in Stockholm, Sweden, by Pia Amsell and Barbro Berlin.

The studios work cover design of a wide range of products like tableware, lighting, textiles and also furniture.


“What inspires most is when you have a context to relate to, it can be a place, a function, an activity, etc.

Something that boosts the inspiration so that you can  feel a direction in the creativity that moves in several levels.

In the work with Dots, we thought of patterned tiles that you can turn and twist to get different patterns.

One absorber should be able to stand for it’s own and also work together with other plates depending on how many that are needed in a specific environment.”


 Amsell Berlin met during their education at Beckmans school of Design, in the middle of the nineties, where they studied furniture- and product design. Through the years they have, together and individually, designed and developed products for both massproduction, smaller collections as well as handcrafted made objects.


“Recycled materials are always interesting, in this case PET, which has a homogeneous and a quite “flat” look. The turf is a natural product that has a lively structure and surface so it creates tension between the different materials. Synthetic & natural.

We beleive that even recycled materials are valuable, so we have chosen to use the rounds cut out on the plate with the outgoing relief. Simple and smart.”


Read more about Dots materials and sizes or download productsheet here.


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