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juni 18, 2018

Annemette Beck,work and inspiration.

 Annemette Beck is educated as a textile designer from Design School Kolding, Denmark, Today she is internationally renowned for her textile solutions, astonishing designs and creations.


Annemette gets inspired by  what she sees and what she experiences.


“It is a long process…. traveling….looking at people - always looking for special things…. LOOKING!”


With a creative approach to the innovation of new products and a wide-reaching knowledge of materials, Annemette creates textiles with an emphasis on artistic expressions.


Waves and Waves on Wire are made out of 100 % felted wool which is recycable and biodegradable, Annemette has chosen to work with this material because of its very good sound absorbing abilities, and also it doesn’t burn which is necessary for the contract market.


“I like working with recycled material, specially material with a kind of patina / beautiful decay.”


Read more about Waves materials and sizes  or download productsheet here


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